Frequently Asked Questions about the Iconic Toronto Photo Contest

Welcome. We are excited to share some tips and rules with you, in this FAQ, frequently asked questions format. Please read on.

Note: Before you submit your photos please read the category descriptions in the photo contest announcement post.

Be sure to retain the original image in case we need to evaluate the provenance (ownership or location) of the image.

Can my images be from a place other than Toronto?

No, your photos have to be taken in Toronto and/or be recognizable as the city of Toronto. Geolocation or Google street view may be used in some instances where the location is in doubt or needs to be confirmed.

Do my photos have to be taken during November?

No, images can be from any time. You just have to post them during November.

Can I add the hashtag #iconictoronto to old posts?

No. The date of the posts for contest entries must be between Nov 1 and 30. Use the hashtag #iconictoronto outside of the contest dates for a chance to be featured.

Can I submit aerial / drone photos?

Sure thing! Those types of images would usually be regarded as landscape and cityscape images.

Do you accept nature or macro photography?

In most cases the answer is no since there’d be no recognizable Toronto details.

Can I submit music, fashion, food or automotive photography?

Yes but only if the images meet the requirements of a category such as Culture and Street.

Do you have a category for portraits?

No we don’t have a specific category for portraits however many environmental portraits or candid photographs would qualify for the Culture and Street category.

Can I submit images via a multi image carousel?

Yes carousels are allowed. Keep in mind though that quality is more important than quantity. One killer image could be brought down by weaker images in the carousel.

Do you allow reels or videos?

Not for this particular contest. We only permit still images such as photographs.

Is it possible to submit my a composite edit or an edit of someone else’s image?

Not this time. In the past we have had edit categories that allowed for this but it is not part of this contest. We do not allow composites or manipulated images and your photos have to be your own.

Do I reserve the rights to my image?

Yes, of course you do. We ask you to permit us to use your image in our posts and promotions after the contest, but the actual image and all rights are retained by you. We will not sell or distribute your image to any third party.

By using our contest hashtag #iconictoronto you enter your image in the contest and permit us to repost your image on our social or blog or other channels. We appreciate that and wish you luck in the contest!

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Thank you for your support. We appreciate all the questions you’ve asked.

If you think we missed something please let us know. Contact us via email.

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