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Iconic Toronto Photo Contest 2021

Photo Contest
Sep. 15 – Oct. 31

How to Enter the Photo Contest:

Post your best pics using our hashtag #iconictoronto, on Instagram from Sep. 15 – Oct. 31

Iconic Toronto celebrates the rich cultural and architectural history of the city through the lens of photography

Contest Categories

Your images may qualify for more than one category – our judges will determine the most appropriate category for each image submitted.

Category Definitions

For more information please view the categories post

Category Example Images

Casa Loma by
This iconic castle and museum capture would qualify for the cityscape and architecture, and historic & archival categories.

Honest Ed’s by
This image, captured during spring 2016, would qualify for the street & culture, historic & archival categories.

What unique landmarks or places will you shoot?

Look closely at your neighbourhood streets, people, landmarks and icons in your community. Document the new, the old, and the classics of the city.

Post your best pics using our hashtag #iconictoronto, on Instagram from Sep. 15 – Oct. 31

View more examples on the categories page


Winners of each category receive:
$100 Photo Printing Credit

Finalists will receive prizes including office and professional services

All contest entrants may be selected to participate in our 2022 photo exhibit


ProLab Canada + The Professional Centre


Tdot Shots

You may know us from our involvement with the Toronto photography community. We launched our Instagram and website in 2018. We have featured more than 500 photographers 1500 posts, interviewed 50 photographers for our Five Questions feature, and led hundreds of GTA photographers on photo walks. We have held an annual photo contest since 2019, and this year the theme is “Iconic Toronto.” Looking forward to seeing your shots!

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The Rules and Guidelines

The rules are fairly simple. Your photos should be taken in and recognizable as the City of Toronto. Your photos must be your own. Please retain original copies of files, prints, negatives.

Photos qualify if you:

  • post your images on Instagram between Sept. 15 and Oct. 31, 2021
  • use hashtag #iconictoronto

Entrants must have a public Instagram account and use hashtag #iconictoronto in the caption area of the post (not the comments). You can only enter photos during the present period (no entries prior to Sept. 15).

Optional: Please support our sponsors by following them on Instagram:

@prolabcanada + @theprofessionalcentre

Notes on Editing and Presentation

To have your images qualify, do not use borders or watermarks or any element that mars or distracts from image presentation. Also do not use software effects or enhancements such as compositing or sky replacement.

Minor corrections to images are permitted including fixes for incidental items like signage or wires (but as above do not composite elements into frame).

Finalists may be required to share their original file or negative to prove main elements of the image were captured in camera.

Please read the full category description post.

Thank You Volunteers, Sponsors and Participants!

We truly appreciate the support of our sponsors, judges, and other volunteers.
Good luck to all who will participate!


Questions or Comments? Please reach out via our contact page

COVID Statement

While participating in our contest please keep in mind public health guidelines and please use common sense. Shoot local, use your archive and combine photography outings with exercise or errands. We support smart artists – get vaccinated and wear a mask indoors or in crowded situations. Stay safe and good luck to all who enter the contest.

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