Artist and Photographer Shop Information

Hey. We greatly appreciate your interest in contributing to the products in the Iconic Toronto shop! It’s going to be fun and rewarding getting these products in front of our audience online.

Financial and rights terms will not change but we may alter the printing process, products or source a different printer.

In this page and document we describe the project from the contributor point of view, including the process of getting your art into a format ready for print, and the way we will host your files, and distribute the images for print.

File requirements: submit JPG images as large as possible. For example, the printer suggests 150 dpi which means a 36×24 inch poster requires a file size at least 4500 pixels x 3000 pixels (3×2 ratio). However we know many cameras shoot higher resolution than that so send the biggest files possible.

Our printer: at the moment we are going to use Printful, as they have the broadest range of products available to Canadian customers and international. We will endeavour to order test prints when we finalize your product – chat with us about ordering posters, canvas prints, t-shirts and mugs at a discount (ie. cost).

Our promise: We will promote your image broadly and try to sell as many prints as possible. We will only distribute your image in two ways. One, as print products in this shop and two, as posts on our websites and social media (at low res preview size). We will not redistribute your original file to any third parties. We hope you will also promote the product 🙂

Rights: You retain the rights to your work. We will promote your art and websites or social media and always credit you clearly. We do not claim ay ownership of your image or files.

Terms: At launch we are splitting the profits 60-40 with 60% going to the artists. we will pay when your profits reach $50 or at the end of the 12 month term (whichever comes first). We recognize the hard work you put in, and setting this up will take a lot of time. We ask you to grant us exclusive distribution for printing purposes for at least 12 months.

Product availability: We will create small, medium and large versions of your image. If the image suits cropping we will include square – our primary mission will be to stick with original aspect ratio. Right now we are looking at poster and canvas prints, along with t-shirts and mugs. Canvas has a regular, framed and thin version. Print products range from square at 12″ x 12″ to rectangular at 24 x 36″ and items in between.