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Iconic Toronto Photo Walk Tour at Evergreen Brickworks Oct. 16, 2022

We are delighted to announce our upcoming Photo Walk Tour at one of the classic natural and historical spaces in the city: Evergreen Brickworks. This will be a perfect walk for photographers and those who love a good urban hike. The meetup is co-presented with Tdot Shots. Please RSVP via our ticket site: tdot.com/events.

Nestled in the Don River Valley. Evergreen Brickworks is a sprawling multi-purpose site in a vast natural setting. Historically, the area was the site of a stone quarry and brick-making factory that provided bricks for iconic Toronto buildings like Casa Loma and Massey Hall. The factory was opened in 1889 by the Taylor brothers, who also ran Todmorden Mills, a paper mill along the Don River.

Photographers, hikers and city explorers can explore the venue and grounds which encompass a large area adjacent the Don Valley Parkway, in central Toronto. The site is accessible by nearby subways stations and public transit and walking from trails up and down the Don Valley.

About Evergreen Brickworks

Evergreen Brickworks, or Evergreen as a the parent organization is known, describe themselves as “a national not-for-profit dedicated to making cities flourish.” In practice they are focused on green technologies that are sustainable in urban areas, such as Toronto.

They run and support public education programs, farmer’s markets, public art, community events and the showcase venue Evergreen Brick Works, a “world-renowned demonstration hub in the heart of Canada’s largest city.”

Join us

All are welcome. You need to RSVP for this free event. Visit tdot.com/events to sign up.

Photo Gallery

Here are some photos from the Evergreen Brickworks:

Fall view over the Don Valley toward downtown Toronto / Photo by Randolph Croft
evergreen brickworks
Great depth of field in the grasses at Brickworks / Photo by Steph L
Fresh veggies at the Evergreen Brickworks farmers market / Photo by Joseph Morris
karen stocking carrots - everdale organic farm
Working with fresh veggies at the farmer’s market in Evergreen Brickworks / Photo by Chris Kalbfleisch
Weston Quarry Garden
Weston Quarry Garden at Evergreen Brickworks / Photo by wd wilson
Fall in a culvert in the Don Valley and Evergreen Brickworks / Photo by Timothy Neesam
Evergreen-Brickworks (15)_edited
Fall view from above the Brickworks / Photo by Norman Maddeaux

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